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Dear Maltese People: We Seriously Need To Bring The Qoffa Back

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We all root for Maltese creations and crafts. They’re local, they’re amazing and most of them are the coolest thing ever created. We’ve begged on numerous times to bring back certain Maltese traditions, fashion trends and even clothing items.

This time we’re back with a new request to bring back some of that sleek Maltese heritage we so desperately love and need in our lives.

Here’s why we all need to bring back Malta’s traditional (and extremely versatile) wicker basket, the qoffa.

1. It’s a Maltese craft

No matter what you say, the first and foremost reason to bring this amazing creation back is the fact that it’s a local craft. There’s no other qoffa like the Maltese qoffa.

2. You can totally use qfief to decorate your house

These cool wicker baskets can be used to decorate your house in the coolest way possible. Look at these restored cuties owning it like no other.

3. They are literally a work of art

Look at that intricate weave. No hairdresser in the universe can create the weaves that the qoffamasters manifest with their magical fingers.

The qoffa is hands down a weaving wet dream. We will fight you over it if need be.

4. They’re eco-friendly

These things last for ages. If you start using your qoffa for your day-to-day needs, you will cut down like crazy on plastic bags and those grotesque reusable supermarket atrocities people call bags.

5. You can store anything in them

And we’re not kidding. These sexy baskets can hold anything from pulses to your kids’ toys. Talk about versatility.

6. You can use it as a pet bed

Your beloved will not only have a comfortable spot to snooze on, but it will also be one which will not make your house look terrible.

It’s time you invested in a qoffa, friend.

7. They’re bespoke items

Just like humans and farts, no two qoffas are the same. That means that they’re the ultimate bespoke item for all you fashionistas out there.

8. They can give you mean biceps

If you want a really good, fun and effective arm workout, you should start hanging your qoffa from the balcony.

Nothing will give you as much bicep burn as hauling your qoffa up five storeys to get it to your penthouse. #QoffaChallenge

9. They’re the best storage organisers ever

Using your qoffa to organise your house will instantly make you look like a genius. You can store anything from magazines to towels in those glorious baskets of love.

Give your house an upgrade by investing in some good quality qfief for your living room.

10. They can be up-cycled in every way imaginable

From fashionable ġewlaq to a literal plant pot, the qoffa is killing the reusable game.

11. Picnics will totally be your thing now

Qfief in your life will not only be a blessing for everyday things, but even for picnics. Gone are the days of hassling around to find a suitable bag to carry your snacks in. The amazing qoffa is truly handy.

12. It will save you some serious stair time

Don’t you get annoyed when you settle down in your bedroom only to notice that you forget something downstairs? The qoffa is here to make your life easier.

Just call out to whoever is downstairs and ask them to plop your stuff in the qoffa. You can haul it upstairs with your rope in no time. It’s not only about hand workouts anymore. So convenient.

13. The qoffa can become Malta’s next fashion statement

This useful bag will totally be making its way to next year’s Malta Fashion Week at this rate. It can be used to oomph any outfit you own, making it the best thing that’s ever happened to your wardrobe.

14. You’ll be supporting local artisans

Perhaps most vitally, if you buy your qoffa locally, you’ll be supporting Maltese artisans and their craft. Not to mention local heritage, small businesses and the environment. Quadruple whammy.

Should we bring the qoffa back? Leave us a comment below

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