Feel Old Yet? Ira Losco's Crowning Moment Just Turned 15 Years Old

Everyone remembers where they were that night

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Whether you're a Eurovision fanatic or one of the many haters out there, you can't deny we've had some pretty excitingly close calls with first place  over the years which have left tens of thousands of Maltese people on the edge of their living room sofas. And none of those moments were as gut-wrenching as Ira Losco placing second at the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest with the one and only 7th Wonder.

Ira Losco herself took to social media yesterday for an ultimate #ThrowbackThursday moment; it's been exactly 15 years since that fateful night in Estonia, a moment which would catapult her into one of Malta's biggest artists a whole decade and a half later.

To this day, Ira remains Malta's most successful participant in the Eurovision Song Contest, but she's of course since then moved on to an endless list of projects, genres, and cameos, making her one of the most recognised face on the island.

Yep; it's been 15 whole years since a young, 20-year-old Losco graced the stage with that dress, smiled, sang her heart out, and placed a mere 12 points behind eventual winner Marie N from Latvia.

On this day 15 years ago, then Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami had called Ira in the morning to congratulate her for her performance, saying she had done Malta "a great honour." A couple of days later, she returned to Malta to a crowd of 2,000 people waiting for her at the airport in what was eventually described as "a heroine's welcome".

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Dozens of people of all ages shared their own memories of that fateful night over the last couple of days, really helping to put this historic event into context.

Where were you when on that night 15 years ago? 

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