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Here’s Who 12-Year-Old Yorgen Fenech Really Wanted To Be ‘If I Weren’t Myself’

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Everything gains a whole lot of perspective in retrospect. And as far as business magnate Yorgen Fenech is concerned, the accused mastermind of the assassination of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia might’ve everyone offered a different type of context… when he was just 12 years old.

As Fenech’s name continues to pop up in talks of everything from political scandals to a shocking murder, a seemingly more innocent part of his life is now making the rounds; a speech he had written when he was still in Form 2B.

Written in 1993, “If I Weren’t Myself I Would Like To Be…” actually earned preteen Fenech a First Prize in his section during the Middle School Speech and Drama Evening, and was dedicated to the young boy’s idol.

And who did this 12-year-old boy look up to so feverently? “None other than the Italian tycoon Silvio Berlusconi”.

“I can say that as a boy of twelve years I was blessed with a lovely family and up till now have led a very good life enjoying most of life’s luxuries,” Fenech starts in his speech, before moving on to gush over Italy’s controversial former Prime Minister.

“The image that he is casting is superb and almost faultless. He has become the biggest information monopoly in Europe.”

From “his three popular private Italian TV stations” to him being the “president of Italy’s strongest team Milan”, Yorgen’s favourite traits about Berlusconi are all listed in his speech… and he even does mention the Italian ex-premier’s corruption allegations. Well, sort of.

“Being what he is, one expected him to be involved in the political scandals and corruption, but Berlusconi’s business dealings were always clean and consequently people are trusting him even more.” Riiiiight.

“It is as if I am one of his canvassers, but all this publicity actually paid off.”

“Although he has one failed marriage behind him, he tried again ten years ago and this time has been lucky,” Fenech continued, addressing Berlusconi’s personal life as well.

“What could a man want more out of life? Tell me, who in the world wouldn’t want to be Silvio Berlusconi?”

“The best adjective to describe this man are popular, successful, tactful, democractic, trustworthy, dynamic and I could go on forever,” Fenech finished.

What do you make of 12-year-old Fenech’s speech?

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