Has Malta Been Thrown Back To The 90s All Over Again?

All the signs are pointing to yes

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Nostalgia hits people of all ages and nationalities on a very regular basis, but Malta seems to be going through one long 90s resurgence at the moment. Granted, we're following a popular international trend, but it sure feels like it's kicking off even more forcefully back home.

1. The country's favourite video games haven't really changed much in 20 years

There are literally tens of thousands of video games out there, but the most popular titles in the world - and in extension, Malta - all sound very familiar. Remastered versions of games like Crash Bandicoot, Worms, and Abe's Odyssey are flying off the shelves, and with the recent announcement of a new Atari games console after 25 years of inactivity, it's only set to intensify. 

Oh, and don't get us started on Malta's evergreen fascination with FIFA

2. Is that... Hooligan?

Yep, one of Malta's original viral rappers, Hooligan, seems to be back with a bang. Appearing on a Xarabank interview last week, Hooli spoke about his past experiences, and guess what? "Oriġinali bħali" still makes an appearance in his freestyles.

And the best news of all? He's working on a new project.

3. 90s parties have become a monthly thing

Whether it's Reflex, CLASSBring It Back, or any one of the many popular party promoters out there, it's honestly just down to which party your friends are going to, because there's definitely going to be a couple of these nostalgic nights all happening within a few weeks of each other. And while parties like this have been famous for quite some time now, these last couple of months have seen things kicking into overdrive.

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4. Your favourite books from the 90s are coming back

Millions of people around the world still love Harry Potter, but with the first book approaching its 20th anniversary, things seem to be nowhere close to slowing down. This October, two new Harry Potter books are coming to grace us with the Hogwarts universe once more. And with names like A History of Magic, The Book of the Exhibition and A Journey Through a History of Magic, get ready to rekindle the 90s Harry Potter fad all over again. Because we refuse to grow up

5. Classic Maltese sitcoms are back on TV

Malta now has its own 24/7 Drama Channel, and it's glorious. The EvoIPTV has an exclusive local channel package which includes channels like MVTV and Smash, but the Drama Channel is the one that caught our interest. And with anything from Under Cover to Dun Benit streaming non-stop on a daily basis, it'll definitely take you all the way back. 

A four hour livestream video uploaded just before Christmas 2016 saw the 90s come back not just on people's TV sets, but on their Facebook feed. 

Also, it may not be Maltese, but everyone here loved Will and Grace. And it's also making a comeback.

Tag someone who's still stuck in the 90s.

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