WATCH: Malta's Favourite 90s Games Console Is Coming Back Just In Time For Christmas

24 years later, we're about to get one big kick in the nostalgic feels

Joining the global hype train that erupted out of Sony over two decades ago, tens of thousands of Maltese people were fascinated by the PlayStation One. A gaming console unlike anything anyone had seen before, the chunky grey contraption can still be seen in many households around the island... and it's set to make a grand comeback later this year!

Sony blew everyone's nostalgic brains earlier this morning when they announced plans of releasing the PlayStation Classic, a mini console version of the original PSOne. Arriving just before Christmas, the console's release date - 3rd December - coincides with the original console's launch 24 years ago. Feel old yet?

Get ready to go all the way back to this beautiful start-up screen

Admit it; you heard the sound in your head as well

The new, mini version of the PSOne is nearly half the size of the original console, but looks identical to the grey box that so many 90s kids fell in love with. It even has the same controllers that we've all gotten close to flinging at the screen at one point or another in our childhoods... but there are some 21st century updates added to the mix.

The new, retro system comes with an HDMI cable and a USB cable to power it (optional AC adapter sold separately). What's more, it'll only set you back €100... which feels like way less than the 100 Maltese lira we had to beg our parents to spend back in the mid 90s.

The PlayStation Classic comes with 20 pre-loaded games, including fan favourites Final Fantasy VII, Ridge Racer Type 4, and Tekken 3. And if you're like us, simply reading those names again is enough to take you on one big feels trip.

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Screen Shot 2018 09 19 At 13 08 11
Screen Shot 2018 09 19 At 13 07 22
Screen Shot 2018 09 19 At 13 07 05

Celine Dion's "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" blares in the background

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