Old Maltese Commercials And Products You Seriously Need To Look At For A Taste Of Simpler Times

How's that for some #Nostalgia?

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Nostalgia hits hard for everyone, and we've already covered the Maltese groups on Facebook with their extensive collection of old photos. 

Today, we have a new edition from these groups — Old Maltese commercials and products you seriously need to take a look at.

1. Bisurated Magnesia 

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PHOTO: Jesmond Bugeja/Facebook

This crazy mixture of magnesium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate advert was published in 1975. It was used to cure heartburn and indigestion mostly. What's really interesting about this advert is the way the Maltese language is written on it. We find that stoncu difficult to read. 

2. Raffle Tickets for a new Morris Marina

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PHOTO: Saviour Vella/Facebook

Seriously, 25 cents ticket and you would get the chance to win a Marina? Sign us up ASAP and get us into a time machine.

3. Stain removal life hacks from the 1920s

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PHOTO: Jesmond Bugeja/Facebook

This 1926 life hack was published on Il-Ħmar, advising you how to remove stains from clothes. 

4. Pepsi-Cola

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PHOTO:Alex Alison Sciberras/Facebook

This 1960s cola bottle is as nostalgic as it gets. We are not sure whether or not this tastes like modern day Pepsi or not, but it sure looks better.

And while this is more of an international nostalgic moment, the feels are still very strong.

5. Wise words

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We're not sure if this is a joke or not, but we still enjoyed reading it.

6. Terra Power

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PHOTO: Jesmond Bugeja/Facebook

This shit joktol il-microbi yo.

7. An old bank and a vital transaction

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This is actually a payment to register Air Malta. Yep, you read that right.

8. Prams for sale

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PHOTO: Jesmond Bugeja/Facebook

This old magazine advert is trying to sell you the cutest prams in the universe. Honestly they look like cute doll prams, we really want one. 

9. Almanacc for Malta and Ghaudex

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We are getting dizzy trying to read that, honestly. 

10. Flag cigarettes 

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PHOTO: Adrian Schembri/Facebook

These weird cigarettes do not exist anymore, but they were pretty popular on the island. 

11. Canned Ħelwa

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PHOTO: Ingmar Spiteri/Facebook

We just can't get over the fact that canned ħelwa tat-tork was actually a thing. 

12. Veritas Blue Boy

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PHOTO: Jesmond Bugeja/Facebook

This 1950s advert is trying to convince us to buy a blue-flamed spiritiera. 

Well, yes please. 

13. A new FIAT, starting from £185 

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This car advert from 1927 makes us think about how much cars have evolved throughout the ages. Seriously though, £185 for a car? Can easily last 18 years? Sign. Us. Up. Already.

Do you know anyone who would appreciate these adverts? Tag them in a comment below 

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Chiara Micallef