People Are Falling In Love With This Abandoned Żebbuġ House's Beautiful Restoration

The before and after shots are as impressive as it gets!

Malta House Transformation

This is the heartwarming story of a completely neglected and abandoned house in Żebbuġ which has been completely restored by Lippu Zammit, a Maltese local with a love of the island's architectural past.

A before-and-after-photo of the house was recently posted on Facebook, gaining hundreds of praises from locals. We reached out to Lippu to get the story behind a house that captured the hearts of so many islanders.

“I had been property hunting for quite a while before I came across the house," Lippu told Lovin Malta. "The previous owner had fallen ill and passed on, so the family were looking to sell it. Two years on, they met me”.

The house took between one to one and a half years to restore, and they extended certain areas to increase the space. But they always wanted the true Maltese characteristic part of it to shine through.

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“The balcony and the louvers were something which I couldn't resist not having as it can't get more Maltese than that," he continued. "And to be honest, I couldn't stand any of the aluminium. It killed me inside! It took a lot of work to make the space work, but I honestly love it."

The Maltese man also said he was very lucky to have the patience of his neighbours and family to help make his dream house come to life. He expressed how sad it was that nowadays beautiful houses (unless protected) are being torn down regularly, and he wants to encourage others to think twice and try to restore and preserve the beautiful houses Malta has.

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Lippu moved in to the premises back in October 2018, but he said there are still some minor jobs to do. In the meantime, we'll be swooning over every update!

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