Throwback: Remember Ira Losco's Take On The Super Bowl Halftime Show?

If you don't remember this, you're too young for the internet

Whether you've been a fan of Ira since 7th Wonder, or if she's only just won you over with Walk on Water, one thing is certain - anyone around in 2003 will remember this song being everywhere.

Reaching Higher was chosen as the theme song for the Games of the Small States of Europe way back in 2003.

Ira 2003

The lyrics, passionate as ever, speak of the locals from small states living to their fullest potential, despite any challenges that may hold them back. 

And if you're going to pretend you don't remember the tune at the very least, then you're a liar.

Reaching higher
We can touch all our dreams
This desire
to believe and achieve


There was also a follow-up performance on Xarabank, because of course.

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