6 Retro Trends That Are Back With A Vengeance In Malta

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With everyone you know binge watching Stranger Things and movies like Stephen King’s It, it’s not surprising that a sense of nostalgia for all things retro has crept onto the island.

Old collectables, retro tech, and indie fashion have lately become even more popular, and here’s a list of some of our favourites.

1. Casio watches

What’s better than a watch that can tell the time? A watch that can tell the time and double as the world’s smallest calculator.

They used to be the cherry on the nerd assemble, now these watches are slowly creeping up on more and more of your friends' wrists, typically in gold or silver.


2. Old Skool Vans

No, that's not a typo.

Although the original Old Skool design came out in the 70s, this retro shoe has made a recent comeback.

There’s something about it that’s just so satisfying; the touch of suede, hint of red, and iconic white strip encircle the hand stitched leather, make this great shoe design an instant classic.


3. Bootcut jeans

They’re back, and they’re back with a vengeance.

Featured in the Sliema Girl 2018 Must Have Catalogue, these old-fashioned jeans are now covering the legs, shoes and floor of everyone wearing them.

And hey, they look really good with heels.

Bootcut Jeans

4. Dungeons & Dragons

Gel your hair down, slide your spectacles back up your nose, and tuck that shirt in son; it's officially nerd o'clock.

Anyone with an creative imagination, a few friends and a couple of dice would feel at home role-playing different scenarios and bantering the night away. Don’t bash it before you try it; this is actually insanely fun.


5. Vinyls

The way music was supposed to be listened to; with effort.

Yes, it’s actually fun to get up, change the record, flip the side, and press play. With more Vinyl stores popping up around Malta, this collectors' hobby is becoming easier and easier. We could go into issues of improved sound quality difference and larger physical album artworks, but really, isn’t it just cool, and a little bit sexy, to watch the record spin as it blasts your favourite tunes?


6. Polaroid cameras

Having a camera on your phone and being able to take pictures is a great commodity, but there’s something about the feel of a camera and being able to print a picture you’ve taken, touch it and hang it up for everyone to see that’s special.

Quality might not be as great as your latest flagship smartphone, and you’ll be sore for a few days after shaking the picture like a wild gorilla for a few minutes, but you can’t put a price on great memories.


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Daniel Borg Cardona