Te Fit-Tazza Take Us Down Memory Lane With These Five New 'Elements Of Malta' Designs

How many of these do you remember growing up in Malta?

Malta's changing and growing in many, many ways and so Te fit-Tazza have come to give us the nostalgia fix we crave.

From pastizzi designs to il-bajtra, Te fit-Tazza have come up with another five designs to add to their new Elements of Malta collection, and we've got them here for you to have a look.

1. It-Trakk tal-Ħaxix

They're still around on every corner in Malta, and they're still stationed literally two minutes from the next one.

Tf T 1

2. Il-Pakkett tal-5ċ

Your mum would give you 5c and you'd have enough to be entertained for the weekend.

Yes, millennials, this is what life was like back then.

Tf T 2

Ir-Rokna Kulturali

Oh man, Mini Bugz was everything for the majority of the country's children growing up in the 90s. The feels.

Tf T 3

4. Il-Mutur tal-Fardal

Seeing Lambrettas on the street is such a common occurrence here that they're practically part of our heritage.

Tf T 4

5. Il-Munita Maltija

Though we've been with the euro for a while now, we can't help but reminisce of the good old 5 Lira coin days.

Tf T 5

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