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Te Fit-Tazza Take Us Down Memory Lane With These Five New ‘Elements Of Malta’ Designs

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Malta’s changing and growing in many, many ways and so Te fit-Tazza have come to give us the nostalgia fix we crave.

From pastizzi designs to il-bajtra, Te fit-Tazza have come up with another five designs to add to their new Elements of Malta collection, and we’ve got them here for you to have a look.

1. It-Trakk tal-?axix

They’re still around on every corner in Malta, and they’re still stationed literally two minutes from the next one.

Tf T 1

2. Il-Pakkett tal-5?

Your mum would give you 5c and you’d have enough to be entertained for the weekend.

Yes, millennials, this is what life was like back then.

Tf T 2

Ir-Rokna Kulturali

Oh man, Mini Bugz was everything for the majority of the country’s children growing up in the 90s. The feels.

Tf T 3

4. Il-Mutur tal-Fardal

Seeing Lambrettas on the street is such a common occurrence here that they’re practically part of our heritage.

Tf T 4

5. Il-Munita Maltija

Though we’ve been with the euro for a while now, we can’t help but reminisce of the good old 5 Lira coin days.

Tf T 5

Have a friend who will remember all of these? Tag them in the comments below!

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