The Hottest Maltese Christmas Banger Ever

"Do They Know It's Disco Time At All?"

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If you like your Christmas tunes with a good measure of festive fun and a dash of Old Skool House, then you'll love "Niċċelebraw (Tini Tini Żmien Il-Milied Remix)". 

This 1991 offering from X-Tend, the eternally adapting Maltese band which started off as a popular New Romantic group in the incredible 80's, is so fantastically catchy that you can't help but bust a move to it's rhythmic beats. It conjures up nostalgic memories of Axis raves and souped-up cars blaring dance music of the late eighties and early nineties – which was the golden age of dance music.

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X-Tend back in the mid 80's in their New Wave days.

Obviously it has a Maltese twist so we're treated to shout outs to "il-Bambin" between the awesome piano loops and bonus "Jingle Bells" breakdown. The song also features obligatory House music female vocal soul samples calling out to "Ejjewwwww niċċelebrawwww!" to get you in the party mood. 

So whether or not you were around for the hedonistic times of the early nineties, this classic festive tune which formed part of their best-selling Maltese Christmas Double Album will take you right back to those neon, smoke machine-filled December disco nights.

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Sbieħ il-Milied Double Album Disc 1 & Disc 2 - 1991

This anthem is a quarter-of-a-century old but we've got our hopes on it being re-released and bets on it being this year's Christmas Number One. With those kind of flashback feel-good vibes, we hope it gets all the airtime it deserves this season. 

Give it a share or bust out your original CD mix if you're cool enough to have it stashed away somewhere. #ejjewniċċelebraw

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X-Tend's current line up, still on the music circuit and doing their thing in 2016.

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