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Every Song You’ll Hear At Today’s Mass Meetings

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Man, four years have absolutely flown by, and it’s already that time again. With election season rapidly approaching and rumours about the election date flying about, this can only mean one thing; mass meetings will be back in full swing very soon.

Whether you’re a hardcore follower or a nonchalant bystander, there’s no denying how much mass meetings are part of Maltese culture. And while the bright red and blue colours make for some pretty unforgettable scenes, it’s the music blaring out of towers of speakers that most of us remember. 

Here are some of the most iconic soundtracks from Maltese mass meetings of the past, present… and future?

Labour Party / Partit Laburista

If you’ve ever found yourself in a sea of red, these are the timeless anthems you’ve probably danced and chanted along to.

1. This Mary Spiteri Classic

2. Robert Miles: Children

3. Guru Josh Project: Infinity

4. Coldplay: Viva La Vida

5. The Only Way Is Up… Labour

6. Partnership

7. Malta Tagħna Lkoll

BONUS SUGGESTION: MC Hammer: U Can’t Touch This

Nationalist Party / Partit Nazzjonalista

With anthems like these and tens of thousands of people jumping and singing around you, it’s ironically going to be difficult to feel blue.

8. Sbejħa Patrija

9. Europe: The Final Countdown

10. Modern Talking: We Take The Chance

11. Eiffel 65: Blue

12. Priscilla Psaila & Ivan Borg: Dan Hu l-Mument

13. Ngħidu Iva

14. Flimkien Kollox Possibbli

BONUS SUGGESTION: Queen: Under Pressure

BONUS: PartitLM’s #tune

Tag a friend who remembers these timeless anthems!

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