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6 Things All Maltese People Only Realise Once They’re Out Of School

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School is there to prepare us for life and teach us the lessons we’ll need in the future. But there will be some other things you will need to learn in the hard streets of life.

Here are six things all Maltese realise once they’ve left school and faced reality. If you’re out of school and reading this, get ready for a nostalgia trip. If you’re still in school, pay attention kiddo.

1. Pythagoras is absolutely useless

Believe it or not, you’re probably never going to need to use the Pythagorean Theorem.

We know it’s a shocker, but we’re here to open your eyes to the truth. And unfortunately, there are a lot of other things you’ve learnt at school with no practical use in everyday life.

Oh well, at least it helped you get that 4 in your Maths O Level.


2. You probably should have paid more attention in Language Class

You’ll be surprised how handy language skills come into practice.

Being able to deal with people from different nationalities will only help in everyday life, especially with Malta being a tourist hub.

In almost any profession you can think of on the island, knowing a few phrases in different languages is going to help. If that won’t do it for you, you’ll sound cool.

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3. Your exam results don’t define your entire life

They really don’t, and it’s essential to remember that there’s more to life than these O and A Levels. If you find a passion for something, you’ll find a way of having it in your life.

Companies love employing people who are dedicated, ambitious, and eager to move up within their employee structure. We’re not saying flunk your exams and just start working, but should you fail a subject, we promise it’s not the end of the world.


4. The friends you want will stick around for life

You’ll soon start realising that staying in touch with everyone who went to your school is close to impossible.

The good news is that it doesn’t really matter. The ones you want to keep (and the ones that want to keep you around) will always be there. Fortunately, once you leave school, you get your independence, so meeting up for adventures is a text message away anyway.

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5. No messing around in class anymore

Yeah, once you get to Sixth Form, and then University, there’s really no more time to take the piss during the class.

We’re not sure if this is because you begin to recognise teachers as people like you who are just trying to do their job, or because you finally realised that schooling might be important in your life.

Either way, sit down, shut up, and write notes.

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6. Realising that school was pretty cool

Having a schedule, a uniform, all your friends around, and learning super cool things about the world? Now that was pretty neat.

While you’re still at school, you’ll always hear the older generations tell you that it’s one of the best time of your lives, and once you leave, you’ll find yourself finally agreeing with them.

Maybe it’s the nostalgia, lack of responsibilities and never worrying about anything except a ‘No Homework‘ note.

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What was one of your biggest realisations once you left school? Let us know in the comments and tag a friend from secondary school!

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