These Are Lovin Malta's Top 10 Stories From 2018

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Lovin Malta Top Stories 2018

As is the case for most years here on our little island, the past year has indeed been an eventful one.

As we finally reach the end of 2018, let's take a look at the 10 most popular stories Lovin Malta covered this year.

10. This Unlucky Man Lost His Fiancée's Wedding Dress In Malta

A young couple travelled to Malta for their wedding, and upon arrival the groom lost his fiancée's wedding dress. Not only did this set off a wild goose chase to find the missing dress, but it also was a great opportunity for the Maltese population to let their giving nature shine, as dozens of people stepped in to help the young couple by offering to loan their own wedding dresses.

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9. Maltese University Lecturer Accidentally Projects Porn History To A Hall Of Students

A post went viral that showed a university lecturer accidentally projecting his porn history to a hall full of students.

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8. Treating Adults With Disabilities Like Children

Adults with disabilities in general, and those with developmental disabilities in particular, are often treated like children, or in similar undignified terms.

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7. Joseph Muscat Gets A Dog

The Muscat family got a new member in the form of Ħabiba Perla the Chowchow. And people, obviously, had opinions to share.

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6. A Melita Customer Service Call Goes Wrong

Customer service calls aren't always the most relaxing of affairs, for either party involved, and this phone call proves it.

5. Nickie Vella De Fremeaux Requests Marital Separation From Opposition Leader Adrian Delia

Nickie Vella De Fremeaux sends her husband a legal letter requesting a separation.

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4. Konrad Mizzi Lets His Hair Down At Lost & Found Festival

Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi joined revellers at the Lost & Found festival at Cafe del Mar.

3. Police And Rapid Intervention Unit Called In After Maltese Activist Forgot To Call Someone 'Professor'

An environmental activist was removed from a public planning board meeting after being told he was being disrespectful after calling Professor Victor Axiak 'Victor Axiak'.

2. Sliema Car Crash Turns Ugly

A car crash near Tigne' Point in Sliema quickly turned violent after two drivers involved in the crash began throwing punches at each other.

1. Mount Etna Might Trigger A Tsunami That Would Bury Malta... Apparently

Reports about slow movements at ground level as well as below the water level could escalate and cause part of Europe's largest active volcano to come crashing down into the Mediterranean Sea, triggering a gigantic wave that would put islands like Sicily and Malta at risk.

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