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#ThrowbackThursday: Remember When Everyone Was Mad At Klinsmann For Stealing Busted’s Song?

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Okay. Okay. I need everyone to switch on their ‘Malta-in-the-late-naughties’ hat and cast your brains back to the year 2007. YouTube was in its infancy, the emo trend had hit the island, and actual Maroon 5 came down to Malta for the first ever Isle of MTV.

But more importantly than all of that, 2007 is the year Klinsmann Coleiro burst onto the Maltese music scene with his Eurovision entry ‘She Gives Me Wings’.

Can you just hear all the 11 to 16 year olds freaking out over Malta’s official version of Busted and McFly and My Chemical Romance all rolled up into one? We were beyond elated.

But fast forward a year, and Klinsmann broke all our little emo hearts by doing the unthinkable. He copied one of Busted’s top tracks for his next Eurovision entry.

His song GO was almost musically identical to Air Hostess. Escandalo.

And people were pissed

Klins Comments
Klins Comments 2

Spot the local weightlifting champ.

If you don’t remember any of this happening – either because you are a child, or don’t really care, or blocked it our of your memory – here’s all the proof you need.

Screen Shot 2019 05 02 At 09 25 34

Attention! These were very serious issues in 2008.

You can’t deny it. I would like to thank the brave souls who took the time to put these comparison videos together. It also makes me wish a new pop-punk-emo band would surface here in Malta.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and listen to all my CDs from 2007 and pine for a simpler time.

Share this article if you remember this happening so I don’t feel like that much of a loser

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