4 Times Every Maltese Person Was Basically Manuel From Fawlty Towers

RIP Andrew Sachs, and thanks for all the laughs!


1. When Melita calls and you pretend no adult is home

"No sorry, mama's not home right now" - every 20-something year old trying to avoid morning surveys.

2. When a foreigner tells us they don't really like Maltese food

Where have you been eating this whole time? Have you even tried a pastizz?

3. When you accidentally let slip some family gossip in front of nanna

And her first reaction is almost always going to the phone to tell the person in question what to do/what she thinks.

4. Every time you're abroad and have to explain the concept of the Maltese language

And why we're good at English, but pronounce everything slightly wrong.

Bonus: When you come home from PV and your family is having breakfast

And your mother suddenly becomes determined to teach you a lesson by starving you.

Thank you Manuel for all the laughs! RIP Andrew Sachs.

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Chucky Bartolo

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