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Uh Oh, Did You Know? Ira Losco Was Sampled By None Other Than Kelly Clarkson Herself

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Ira Losco is undeniably Malta’s reigning pop queen. Kelly Clarkson is undeniably a queen in general. When Kelly rose to fame after winning the first season of American Idol, she went on to break pop music record after record with her country-cum-city-girl soundtracks of heartbreak, empowerment and all out girl power.

But did you know that Kelly’s third album featured a sample from one of Ira Losco’s early tracks: ‘Uh Oh’?

Clarkson’s second single for the album My December titled ‘Don’t Waste Your Time’ sampled the entirety of Ira’s 2006 punk-chic masterpiece’s guitar riffs.

Take a listen to the track below and then give Ira’s a good spin through your headphones. You’ll hear an almost identical chord progression that took us entirely by surprise.

So surprised were we, that we had to scour the internet for the #facts.

It’s official, guys: Ira is the Maltese queen of pop and that’s all that needs to be said.

She’s been on our screens as long as most of us can remember, she cured the world’s depression in 2002 with 7th Wonder, and then saved Maltese pop music once again by releasing Hey Now with Owen Leuellen.

But that isn’t all Ira has done for the local scene.

She was the face of our favourite summer ice cream, she’s got some pretty badass outfits from over the years and just generally snatching weaves left, right and centre. Glue down that wig girl, we’re going down nostalgia avenue and blasting this sonic artwork through the office all day in celebration of your birthday week.

Share this article with your Ira superfan friends and let us know what you think of the sampling in the comments below!

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