6 Useless Things Our Brain Remembers From Our Maltese Childhood

I really don't need the lyrics to Tista Tkun Int's theme song anymore

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As we get older, we all tend to forget a few tidbits here and there - some being a little bit more important than others. Where did I park my car? When did I last shower? Did I forget my mother's birthday... again?

But despite everything we've forgotten, our scumbag brain still clings on to a few, useless memories from our childhood that will remain hogging valuable brain space till the end of our days .

1. Theme songs

Whenever Tista Tkun Int came on you'd always sing the whole intro... and not just the lyrics. The instrumental bits were also part of your repertoire. And they still are ingrained in your memory today, and will be for decades years after the show's end.

Also: Neighbours

2. Cheat codes for game 

If you dusted off your old PC and opened up your old Sims game (only to find them starving after a decade of neglect) all would be well after a quick boolprop testingcheatsenabled true and then hitting that rosebud;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!. 

If you were more of a PlayStation gamer you're probably faster at pressing the up, up, square, circle, down, select sequence than your GameShark CD.

Ezgif Com Crop 24

3. Names of fantasy characters 

Every single Pokemon from 1-151 is burned into your brain's encyclopedia, along with the name of every princess from the classic (sleeping beauty won't cut it - it's Aurora or nothing). Also, every single one of the X-Men and their respective powers.

Ezgif Com Crop 25

4. Names of your classmates in Primary School

You can recall the names, and weird habits, of all 20 of your ex-peers from the playground. This only stops being the case the second you meet them at the supermarket and they stop to say hi. Then you'll blubber along having completely forgotten their name.

Giphy 1

5. Eurovision songs

You can hate the competition, but if I sing "Take iiiiit..." and you don't continue with "Use iiiit. Make me, proooooove it." you're lying. Same goes for Another Summer Night (and its parodies) and Chiara's Angel.

Also you know the moves and lyrics to at least one foreign song (and it's probably Sakis' Shake It).

6. The old channel number of your cable faves

15 MTV, 17 Discovery, 19 Living, 21 Fox Kids, 40 Nickelodeon, 41 Cartoon Network, 43 Trouble, 51 Animal Planet - all off the top of my head. Clearly, these redundant numbers are far more important than the bus numbers in and out of my hometown that I still have to look up before every journey. 

Remote Gif

Bonus: The first time you accidentally farted in public

Of all the things we've started to forget with age, why can't this memory be one of them? If you're one of the unlucky ones who's also crapped your pants at some point, then from the bottom of our hearts we're sorry for the valuable brain real-estate this painful memory is hogging.


This article was updated at 12:45 thanks to a friendly tip about the Trouble's original channel number.

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