WATCH: Here's An Ultimate 90s Throwback Thursday To The Very First Episode Of Xarabank

Check out Peppi as you've probably never seen him before... ahead of a very special episode tomorrow

This Friday's episode of TVM's Xarabank is all about Peppi Azzopardi, with the show's host taking the hot seat to be questioned by guest host Andrew Azzopardi. And Ahead of the show, the team have unearthed some very, very classic shots of the early days of Xarabank, and it's an absolute blast from the past.

One video reveals the very first few minutes of the first episode of the show, with everything from the recognisable "Xarabank, Owejo, Owejo" to Peppi's signature white hair on display.

The videos capture Malta back in 1997, from clothes to the hair to the style of pretty much everything in between.

They've even uploaded the show's first ever call to be a part of the Xarabank sala - a truly historic moment in Maltese history

Watch till the end - you don't want to miss a bit of banter at the end of the video between Peppi and... alternate Peppi?

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