WATCH: Judge Scerri Herrera Looks Shook By Price Of Her Massive Cabinet On 90s Malta Edition Of Antiques Roadshow

It was apparently worth around £70,000

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Anybody who ever spent a Saturday afternoon at their nanniet back in the day might remember watching a painfully, boringly British* TV show called 'The Antiques Roadshow'. For those of you who had a more exciting childhood and have no idea what I'm talking about; it's basically a show where people cart any fancy, old-looking item they have in their house to a fair and get it valued by antique experts. Sometimes the items are worthless, but sometimes they're worth a crazy amount of money.

*Don't shout at me. It's the truth.

Well, apparently The Antiques Roadshow came to Malta in the year 1991 and boy oh boy did us Maltese have some treasures up our sleeves.

From a French doll made in the 1920s, to a Victorian painting from England, the Maltese really delivered. They packed themselves into the MCC and desperately made their way up to the evaluators to find out if the komodina from nannu's salott is worth anything.

Creepy Doll

However, the most valuable treasure the entire episode has to offer is vintage footage of Judge Conseulo Scerri Herrera looking extra 'Malta in the early 90s'.

Csh Ostja

She was there to get a massive (and I mean massive) cabinet valued. The cabinet was covered in ornate illustrations depicting cherubs and ladies feeling faint. You know the kind I'm talking about. It was apparently a 19th Century Renaissance piece, made in the image of a 17th Century exhibition cabinet. And TBH, it's pretty damn beautiful. The expert she was talking to valued it at around £70,000 - £80,000. Not too shabby.

Csh And Cabinet

Other than that special moment, the clip itself is a beautifully nostalgic trip back to Malta in the 90s. It's also great to count the perms and questionable outfit choices. Plus this guy lurking creepily behind a painting who literally looks like all of my mum's brothers and cousins.


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