WATCH: Maltese Men Have A Bit Of Fun While Catching A Massive Shark

Not your average catch

Fishing trips can be fun - especially if you catch a giant apex-predator, and subsequently proceed to fall all over it like it's a new toy. That's what a couple of Maltese fishermen can be seen doing in this retro video that the page Raniero's Adventures uploaded recently.

The video is an example of Maltese determination in the face of a challenge. It also shows how Maltese people always seem to have fun with a situation, no matter how scary it might be.

The video, filmed off of Zurrieq, shows the two fishermen - Guzep and Rokku - battling with one heavy catch. 

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The video starts with the two men struggling after an hour and a half of pulling on their fishing ropes. After more and more pulling, they finally reel in a monstrous shark.

After cheers of jubilation at having caught such a large catch, the two men try to get it on board. But this proves to be a much harder task than they first imagined.

After many an 'ejja ejja ejja!' and 'one, two, three!' - and 30 minutes of manoeuvring - the two men finally get the body aboard - and immediately start praising god and falling all over the shark body.

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One of them even says 'happy birthday' before surfing upon the shark.

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The video reminded many people online of simpler, easier days, as well as bringing joy to many who even remembered hearing about the catch on the day.

Next time you are on a fishing trip and think your catch feels too big to reel in, remember Guzep and Rokku and their successful struggle to reel in a monster.

How would you react if you caught a massive shark?

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