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What’s It Like To Be A Teenager In Malta? This New Piece Of Theatre Explores Exactly That

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Should I go out tonight? Maybe I should finish my homework. Is this outfit cool? Do I need to lose weight? These people must think I’m a loser. If I smoke will they accept me?

Anybody older than the age of 18 knows these thoughts all too well. The struggle of being a teenager is very real, and very relatable. We all remember what it was like to freak out about how we look and feel the pressure of fitting in.

A group of local actors and theatre practitioners are exploring the life of a Maltese teenager in a new piece of local theatre, ‘Ninu’

‘Ninu’ is an enjoyable and relatable depiction of teenage life, and the trials and tribulations that come with it.

Written by Anton Saliba and directed by Bettina Paris, it breaks down the walls surrounding a typical teenager and tries to look into what makes him think.

Ninu is a 15-year-old boy living in Malta, and the play follows him and his ‘consciousnesses’ as they make their way through life day by day. Being a teenager in Malta can be quite a journey; the country is constantly changing and goring around you, everyone knows each other, and social media runs our life.


Photos by Emma Micallef

The teen years are full of self discovery, and the truth is whether you’re 16, 36 or 76 years old, you’re going to relate to the struggles of youths; because we’ve all been a teenager at one point. But how do teenagers now differ to teenagers 20 years ago? Or 50? What are the defining characteristics of a Maltese teenager in the 21st century?

Essentially, the defining mood of that time in one’s life can be boiled down to one word; anxiety

And this hasn’t changed for a while. You’re struggling with self-image, with school, you’re gaining your independence but at the same time you’re still a child. Ninu appeals to audiences of all ages and backgrounds and promises to be something everyone can relate to.


The script, written by Anton Saliba, is an original one and is written entirely in Maltese, making use of the more playful and colourful side of our language that is so often portrayed as serious and dramatic.

It was then worked on by the actors under the direction of Bettina Paris and includes music by local composer and artist Luke Saydon. The process was an organic one, that made use of some strong team work and stems from a place of truth. It also boasts light and set design from two of Malta’s most sought after individuals; Chris Grech and Romauldo Moretti respectively.

The cast features Stephen Mintoff as Ninu, alongside Sean Borg, Nicola Azzopardi, Monique Dimech Genuis, and script-writer Anton Saliba.

Ninu is being coproduced by Spazju Kreattiv in collaboration with ŻiguŻajg

And is being supported by the Malta Arts Fund from Malta Arts Council. It’s being performed this weekend from the 22nd til the 24th March, and you can book your tickets here.

Ninu Group Fb 985 X555

Illustrations by Francesca Grech

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