WATCH: Young Maltese Boy's Impressive Talent Keeps Traditional Għana Alive

He's an old soul

A young Maltese boy has stunned the online community with his impressive pipes and quick thinking. Breaking out into a traditional Maltese għanja , the boy sang about everything from his day to day life to his excitement about his new baby sister.

Shot by Lillian Chetcuti Rioli, the video is also making waves abroad, where Maltese expats are reliving their love for Malta's għana.

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The boy's solo turns into a duet with an older friend of his, as the two start to sing back and forth in an għanja spirtu pront, where each singer comes up with the words as they go along. Think of it as a slower-paced freestyle rap battle.

But singing isn't his only talent, at the end of the video he also shows off his breakdancing skills with an impressive display of 'The Windmill'.

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