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One Of Maradona’s Cars Can Be Found Inside This Maltese Garage

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Legendary footballer Diego Maradona was certainly no stranger to extravagant gifts, and it just so happens that a 1989 Mercedes gifted to him a few decades ago has found itself in the back of a Maltese garage.

Maradona passed away earlier this month after suffering a heart attack. Just two weeks prior to his death, Maradona had successfully undergone surgery for a brain blood clot.

Lovin Malta spoke to Andrew, an avid Maltese car collector who, after much hard work, managed to get hold of one of Maradona’s prized vehicles.

The car in question, a 1989 Mercedes SL300, was gifted to Maradona in Naples, together with a black Ferrari Testarossa.

“I’ve known about the Mercedes for a good 10 years. It was at a friend of mine’s who lived in Italy,” Andrew said.

“Eventually he got sick and passed away. After talking to his widow, she decided to let me have it.”

Before Andrew got his hands on it however, the 1989 Mercedes had seen its fair share of owners. For starters, its previous owner had purchased it from a car dealership in Naples.

“I have no idea who gave the car to Maradona, but it probably wasn’t an individual,” Andrew continued.

“It might have been given to him by the city of Naples or by some other parties interested in keeping him happy.”

The car also came with a document of ownership, serving as proof that the Mercedes actually belonged to Maradona himself. A quick look at said document will show that the car was registered under Maradona’s ex-wife, Claudia Villafane.

Despite being quite old, the 1989 Mercedes has only racked up the mileage of 38,000 kilometres. Andrew is keen on keeping the car in tip-top shape – so much so that he doesn’t plan on driving it.

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