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Ooh La La! Emma Muscat And Biondo Pop Champagne As New Collab Single ‘Avec Moi’ Already Hits Number One On iTunes

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Summer is just round the corner, and we’ve been given a hybrid hit that features everything from Latino beats and French words to a rap verse. And it’s all courtesy of Malta’s very own starlet Emma Muscat.

Following the surprise news that, even amidst all the drama and rumours, Emma and fellow former Amici finalist Biondo would be releasing a track together, we’ve now been finally graced with the track, Avec Moi.

And yes; it really is a mix of so many different elements, be it Emma’s singing chops (this time in Italian!) and Biondo’s bar-spitting, the track follows a very summery, Latino-inspired beat. True to its name, though, it’s got its fair share of French phrases, with both Paris and Champs-Élysées making romantic appearances.

Check out the track right here!

The run-up to the single’s release had its fair share of hype-building photos and videos… and it all culminated with an Instagram story at midnight featuring the two

Whether it was Biondo telling his fans not to wake him up before the track’s release at midnight or Emma teasing a snippet of the track from the studio, the pair definitely built a great deal of hype over the last couple of days with their nearly 1.5 million-strong combined following on Instagram.

At midnight though, the two came together on Emma Muscat’s Instagram story, popping a bottle of champagne to celebrate Avec Moi’s release.

Emma Muscat Biondo Avec Moi Champagne

In less than 12 hours, the track made it to the top of both Malta’s and Italy’s iTunes chart

Just in case you had any doubt on the pair’s power in both countries, Avec Moi only needed a couple of hours to make it all the way to the top in both singers’ home countries.

Clearly, this fire collab isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Avec Moi I Tunes One

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