10,000 Maltese People Are Ready To Abstain From Voting Unless This One Condition Is Met

A very substantial number at a time like this

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A recent petition has collected 10,023 signatures behind a very simple cause. The large body of people, which is mainly composed of animal lovers all around Malta, have declared they're ready to abstain from voting at the next general election unless they see "a serious commitment from any political party regarding serious changes needed for the sake of animals."

Mikel St. John, founder of the NGO Animal Protectors Malta, explained how this was a process of a year and a half. "I wanted to give more than just a voice to animals, but also a vote," he explained. "We ran a petition the old school way, meeting people one to one and talking about as many issues concerning animal rights as possible. We also discussed our Animal Welfare Act Law and the enforcement of law when it comes to animal abuse, since I feel that needs serious amendments and action."

The proposal is available in full online. Amongst their proposals, APM suggest the introduction of an Animal Tribunal in about four major Local Councils, with "specifically trained Local Wardens in each locality tackling reports of abuse cases or animal-related reports". The proposal also mentions hefty fines against animal abuse, along with noise pollution fines due to constant barks or cries of dogs due to stress in their environment.

A highly controversial subject which is tackled in APM's five-page proposal is the purchase of snail and rat poison which is currently being used to kill strays in neighbourhoods, with APM stating this should either be highly regulated or banned altogether. 

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APM's proposal also mentions the need to change a current law which permits pets being put down simply because their owner cannot care for them or doesn't want them any longer. This regulation in particular has recently been the subject of controversy all over again in the case of a couple of dogs which were attacking people in Gżira as a result of an irresponsible and cruel owner.

Pets are not the only subject of APM's proposals regarding animal rights, with regulations on wildlife, stray cats and pigeon-culling also included.

"My proposals have been passed to both parties," St. John said. "Now to wait for who may sound credible, and who will implement them. As for me, I'd like to thank all those thousands of people who signed my petition for stepping forward for animals and supporting my cause and my mission."

Two days ago, Simon Busuttil announced PN proposals on animal welfare.

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