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A Christmas Miracle! After Spending His Entire Adult Life In A Shelter, Maltese Dog Finally Finds A Forever Home

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They say that Christmas is the time for miracles, and for this little pup, it was just that.

After spending five years in a shelter, Bob the dog finally had his prayers answered and got what every dog dreams of… a forever home.

“I just found out that he has been waiting in a shelter pen for five years!  That’s his entire adult life. This boy does not know what life is like outside a shelter.”

The old angel came into the care of Rescued Is My Favorite Breed this Christmas and was renamed Bob after a dog of a similar breed with the same name passed away earlier this month.

“We would like to honour Bob’s memory by naming this little darling, with the same angelic look in his eyes after him,” the Non-Profit Organisation said on Facebook earlier last week.

After finding out that Bob had spent his whole life in a shelter pen, the Rescued Is My Favourite Breed was determined to find him a forever home, so that he could start the New Year’s as every dog should… with a loving family.

And thanks to their perseverance (and some Christmas luck), a family came forward and welcomed Bob with open arms…

“We are so happy for you Bob! Enjoy your happy life darling boy, now you will know what it is like to be a beloved family member, to sleep on a cozy bed, to run in daddy’s field where he will take you every morning, to have a family! Thank you so much, Julie, Joe and family for opening your hearts to Bob.

Now, after spending over 2,000 days in a pen, Bob is finally able to call somewhere home and take his place as a beloved member of the family.

“Thank you to our special Bob in heaven! I think of you, I think ‘you did this Bob’ and get goosebumps all over again! Your mummy knows it too, thank you, angel.”

Truly a Christmas miracle!

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