Merry Christmas: Another Dog Was Brutally Shot In Malta

How many times will we let this happen?


The latest arrival at the Association for Abandoned Animals shows that animal cruelty is alive and well in trigger-happy Malta. 

A "skinny dog" was brought in to the animal shelter with a gaping wound on his back. Animals activists, who are still dealing with the death by shotgun of Chiko the adopted husky last month feared the worst when they saw the wound, and a visit to the vet confirmed their fears.

The dog had been shot in his hind area, as evidenced by the large wound. There were also other small wounds all over his body. 


The dog, which the AAA named Gorg, was taken to the vet for an X-ray, where it was found that there were small shotgun pellets throughout his body. 

"They are everywhere and the vet could not even try to remove them," said an AAA representative. "He is now on medication and hopefully he will get better. We cannot understand this trigger-happy mentality and this cruelty that goes around daily."


Gorg is the latest victim in a dog cruelty epidemic that is becoming more and more noticeable throughout the island.

This website reported on three dogs being left for dead in just one week recently, and animal activists have warned that there is a lack of 'welfare' in 'animal welfare' in Malta for years now. 

Many people who saw what had happened to Gorg took to social media 

Gorg is currently being nursed back to healthy by the AAA, who have put out a public appeal for funds to help with his medical bills. 

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Follow the below instructions if you would like to contribute to Gorg's medical bills.

Send an sms on:
50617350 €2.33 
50618060 €4.66 
50618910 €6.99 
50619200 €11.66

Or a cheque addressed to AAA to AAA PO Box 24 Hamrun.

Or pay pal:

What do you think should be done to stop animal cruelty in Malta?

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