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Buddy Needs A New Bud: Chipped And Abandoned Dog Is Looking For His Forever Maltese Home

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A dog was found roaming the streets next to SmartCity at around 2am yesterday. While the little fellow appeared to be in a healthy and stable condition, his owner was nowhere to be seen. 

After several failed attempts to take the dog to a local police station, John Paul Gialanze, the man who found Buddy the dog, had no choice but to take the poor pup home, and fostered him until he could contact Animal Welfare later that day.

Animal Welfare responded by sending someone to check if the dog was chipped so that they could reunite him with his owner. Animal Welfare’s current policy regarding abandoned dogs is that if they aren’t chipped, the department can’t do anything about it. In this case, despite the dog being chipped, he wasn’t registered to anyone, and Animal Welfare refused to take him in.

Gialanze has a dog already and isn’t in a position to foster another. Despite the valiant work of the first responders at Animal Welfare, their current policy means that Gialanze has been left with no alternative. It was even suggested that he put the dog back where he found it… effectively abandoning it once more. 

Tag someone who is willing to adopt Buddy!

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