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Five Homes In One Month: Poor Maltese Dog Abandoned Time And Time Again Is Still Looking For A Forever Home

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After being passed around from household to household, Milo the mixed boxer is once again in search of a forever home to call his own.

Maria D’Amato from Innocent Paws took to Facebook again on Monday to issue a plea to help the two-year-old male boxer who has had a rollercoaster of a month moving across five households.

After spending two years in a loving household, Milo found himself in a position no dog wants to be in… up for adoption.

“He was adopted by a family as a puppy from a sanctuary and was with them for the past two years,” the page said of the poor pup. “He was loved and well taken care of, but due to personal reasons they had to rehome him.”

This was the beginning of a turbulent month for Milo, who only gave out love to those he was with but never received it back.

Since being up for adoption, Milo has moved through five households until he ended up on the streets.

Not only was Milo out on the streets, but he was also wounded and, in a desperate cry for help, boarded a bus where he was picked up by a student and taken to Animal Welfare.

While Milo is currently being treated for wounds at hospital, Maria D’Amato from Innocent Paws has taken to Facebook in search of a new home for Milo, where he will be loved and taken care of forever.

“I made a promise to myself to help Milo the best I can and I am looking for a loving family for him to make up for the past month.”

We have no idea how this young pup ended on the streets because he sounds like the best boy ever… and Maria quickly confirmed this.

“He is the most loving dog ever,” she said. “He is great with other dogs but is a little wary of huskies as he was bitten by one when he was a puppy. He is interested in cats and just wants to be their friend. He is also amazing with children and gets excited when he sees them, but then calms down straight away. He is scared of fireworks, loves to swim and loves loves loves plastic bottles with peanut butter on top.”

It’s beyond us that Milo hasn’t found a home yet; just look how cute he is!

If you know anyone who is willing to give Milo the forever home he deserves, then please get in contact with Innocent Paws on their Facebook page.

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