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Floyd, The Dog Of Honour In This Adorable Gudja Wedding, Is Officially The Best Boy Ever

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There’s a new best ‘Dog of Honour’ in town… well, at least in the town of Gudja. His name is Floyd, and he has more swagger than you ever will.

Dressed in a smart beige waistcoat, crisp white shirt and a pink bowtie, Floyd the Labrador stole the show at the recent wedding of Maltese lovebirds Karl and Kirsten Loftus last Saturday.

Along with their guests, the beautiful couple couldn’t help but smile when Floyd casually sauntered past, dressed sharper than they were

Tongue hanging out like the baller he is, Floyd made sure the camera didn’t miss out on his Dogly Presence.

Four-year-old Floyd is an integral part of Kirsten and Kurt’s family, and had to be present at the wedding ceremony – they just couldn’t let him miss out on their big day.

Floyd had even helped the couple announce their engagement

As good a dog as Floyd is, he still needed a dogsitter to watch over him during the ceremony

Not that Floyd would ever have spoiled their big day; he is a very good boy, of course.

The wedding took place at Ta’ Loretu church in Gudja, and while Floyd didn’t act as the actual pageboy during the ceremony, he is officially offered that post at any and all future Lovin Malta weddings for eternity.

Photos: Matthew Cutajar – Icam Studios

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