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From Abandoned Near Malta Airport Into A Forever Home, Mia The Fox Terrier Is Starting A New, Loving Life

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After being abandoned at a roundabout, hopelessly waiting for her owner to turn around and pick her up, Lucy the abandoned airport puppy has finally found a new home and her journey is going back to where it all started.

Lucy was abandoned at a roundabout near Malta International Airport where she waited patiently for her owner to come back. Hours and hours passed by and she never gave up. Night descended and still, she sat patiently, never losing hope.

That is until someone uploaded a photo of the poor pup on Facebook in an attempt that she would be rescued instead of having to spend the night out on the streets and with the slow realisation that she had been abandoned. 

Lucy had been dealt a bad hand in life but things were quickly going to take a turn for the better. 

After being rescued by a few volunteers, she went into Animal Welfare’s care and before you know it, just two days after she was rescued, she found a foster home.

Lucy was looking for a home and instead, she found her soulmate and was quickly adopted by her foster mum where she’s found her new forever home.

And as if it was a sign from the very beginning, her journey to her forever home will once again eventually take her to Malta’s Airport where she’ll board a plane to the Netherlands to start her new life once flights reopen.

With a new life ahead of her, and so much to look forward to, it was time to let go of the past and every memory of it.

Lucy has been renamed to Mia and her happy journey begins now.

With all the negativity going around, having your family, friends and pets around you is more important now than ever.

Lovin Malta has been told that more animals are being abandoned out of fear of the ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic.

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