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From Covered In Blood To Cuddlebug! Moira The Maltese Dog Has Made A Remarkable Recovery And Is Now Looking For A Home

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After wandering a Siġġiewi road last month, covered in blood and desperately looking for help, Moira the “helpless dog” has finally made a good enough recovery to be adopted!

In just a matter of weeks, Moira went from being helpless to hopeful with her faith in humanity restored thanks to the kind people that rescued her.

Not only has she made an incredible recovery, but the 3-year-old dog has stolen the hearts of those who have gotten to know her – and loves to give them licks and kisses.


“Now Moira is ready to join a loving home. She adores humans and whoever adopts her needs to be ready for loads of licks and kisses,” said Maria D’Amato from Innocent Paws.

Moira has also been chipped and neutered which makes her the ideal dog for adoption!

“From the day we woke up to that heartbreaking and horrifying picture of this sweet girl covered in blood until today… the picture of health and happiness! And a big cuddlebug who cannot get enough cuddles and kisses!” said Rescued Is My Favorite Breed on Facebook.

Thanks to the quick thinking of two individuals who rescued her, and Animal Welfare, Moira has been given another chance at life and she’s looking forward to the future with all the optimism in the world and a big grin on her face.

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