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From Malta’s Streets To New York’s World-Famous Blog: One Dog’s Journey From Poor Health To Loving Home

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One stray dog has made her way from Malta’s streets to her very own feature on ‘Humans of New York’, the massively popular photoblog.

Spotted on the photographer’s visit to Berlin, her owner gives an emotional account of the little pup’s journey from poor health to a loving home. The post is already racking up hits, getting over 160,000 likes, and is bound to go even more viral thanks to HONY’s insane 18 million following.

“She’s a street dog from Malta. A rescue agency dumped her on a friend then stopped answering the phone. I volunteered to babysit for a couple of days, even though I’m not big on small dogs. And for some reason, she really took a liking to me.”

“She kept trying to climb up on me. I was like: ‘What is this thing?’ Her eyes were bugging out of her head. She was peeing everywhere. Her nails were two inches long. And her teeth were falling out so she looked like a vampire.”

“When I took her to the vet, we found out her heart was enlarged. Her lungs were filled with fluid. And she needed all her teeth pulled out.”

“On the way home I stopped by a store. I wanted to get a small bag to carry her in– just while she recovered. But deep down I knew. If I’m buying a bag for a dog, there’s always going to be a dog in the bag,” he said.

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