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If You’re Having A Bit Of A Rough Day, This Maltese Dog’s Blog Is Here To Make Everything Better

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Mid-week blues can turn the best of us into a bunch of miserable sods, but every now and then, something pure and wholesome comes along that makes everything ok. And an actual #DogBlog is exactly what we needed on this painful Wednesday morning.


Look at this cutie chilling in his fancy car

Mylo’s Dog Blog chronicles the Maltese Pomeranian’s adventures around the island, giving us an inside look into his daily life.

Mylo enjoys going on walks with his owner, and is also a fan of some pretty good music (Cat Stevens’ I Love My Dog is one of his favourites, for what we can only assume are obvious reasons).


Mylo practices his trumpet playing

If you need a brain-break, Mylo has an activities page full of riddles, word searches, and colouring pages that you can try out and share with your friends.

He also has lots of information on the new GDPR law (which obviously stands for Good Dog Person Reports), and an exciting ’10 Days Of Music’ section full of exciting, dog-related songs to help you get through the day.

If you’re a fan, you can even send in your details and sign up to receive a signed postcard from Mylo himself! Talk about fan service.


Mylo filling out his owner’s GDPR forms


Mylo writing postcards to send to his fans

And just because we can feel that you need that little extra something to get you through this Wednesday, here’s a bonus photo of Mylo’s big debut as the frontman of the hottest new band on the block. What a time to be alive.

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