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Kitten Season Has Officially Started In Malta And This Is What It Means

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Malta’s kitten season is now in full bloom and lasts until about October… what is it you ask?

It’s a bittersweet time of the year. Unfortunately in Malta, there are way more strays than we hope for. Many females get pregnant as they haven’t been neutered. Yes it’s cute to see, but here’s an FYI for you all.

If you see a litter of tiny kittens, don’t try to take them to a shelter.

These are newborns that can’t even eat by themselves yet and are probably waiting for their mothers to bring them some food (which is why they’re alone). The mothers’ have not abandoned them, but are hunting for nourishment to help produce milk.

It’s probably best to read our full guide of what to do right here!

”We are always happy to see these cute fluffy babies, which, however, most of the time are unwell and need medical treatment,” CSAF told Lovin Malta.

“Between, food, litter, vets and medication this gets heftily expensive, thus we ask people to help us prepare (like a human baby shower) by bringing us the items mentioned on the artwork”.

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