Life Lessons Maltese People Could Learn From Cats

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Some people love cats, others own cats, but others still are basically cats themselves. And if you've lived in Malta long enough, you'll know exactly what we mean.

Cats are self-assured, independent, confident (and maybe a little psychopathic) feline creatures we tend to domesticate. Living with one can truly be a source of joy in your life, and can also serve you as a life lesson.

We’ve been studying these bundles of polarised happiness for some time now, and here’s our list of seven life lessons we can learn from cats.

1. I love you, but I love me more

While dogs seem to be more concerned with our happiness, cat’s don’t really seem to care all that much. Yes, they’re affectionate towards us, but is it because they love us… or simply because we feed and shelter them? Search your feelings cat persons, you already know the truth.

Regardless, the advice we offer is to love yourself, the way only cats - and Maltese people - know how.

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2. Always be curious

Curiosity killed the cat, but what did it really do to Ġorġ and Doris?

While the proverb warns of the danger of curiosity, we’re seeing it a little differently. A healthy curiosity is always good for the soul.

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3. Land on your feet

Literally and metaphorically.

Certainly if you’re jumping off something you should probably aim to hit the surface with your feet rather than your head, however, in a more realistic sense, you can take this to mean that you should always back yourself.

Even when having a shaky patch, try to land on your feet and get back on the…cat?

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4. Sleep a lot

Now that’s some good advice that a lot of Maltese people already follow.

Never underestimate the power for a full night’s sleep. We know you wake up early every day and getting out of bed is always the hardest thing in the world, but take it from us, going to bed even one hour earlier can truly make a difference.

Cute Aww

5. Always be groomed

Hell yeah.

You can’t deny it, cats always look great.

Sure the baths, and sleeping the good part of 15 hours a day probably helps, but we, should take feather from the bird they just butchered, and always try to look our best, because why not!?

Giphy 7

6. Make some mischief

Don’t be a pussy

It’s good to be bad sometimes. Ok take it easy, don’t go getting yourself arrested. We’re just invoking that you have your bit of fun every now and again.

Giphy 8

7. Sun’s good for you

It’s good to get out and enjoy yourself every now and again. Break the work-home-eat-sleep routine and get out and enjoy the town. The fresh air is good for ya!

Luckily for us, Malta gets enough sun for everyone.

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Tell us how much you love cats below!

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Written By

Daniel Borg Cardona