Malta Police Rescue Insanely Adorable Puppy With A Heartbreaking Story

Little Chase is now looking for a new home

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The cutest puppy ever was rescued by the Malta Police late last June, and his sad story finally has a happy ending

On the 29th June, WPS280 was informed of an abandoned puppy in the Żabbar / Xgħajra area. When she couldn't find the dog herself, she posted on popular animal-lovers Facebook page RUBS Puppy Love for any help. Four days later, two people contacted her; one saying she found the puppy, and another offering to foster the puppy until a home was found.

That's when she met Chase, the three-month-old puppy.

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Since the new foster carer had other dogs of her own at home, Chase was immediately taken for a check-up at the vet... and that's when the unfortunate news was broken.

Chase tested positive for parvo, a contagious virus which meant he shouldn't be in contact with other dogs. Heartbreakingly, the foster carer had to give Chase back to the police, who offered to give him shelter until he's medically fit to go back.

For the following six days, all the colleagues at the Police Community and Media Relations Unit managed to find time in between their Police Week commitments, shift duties and own personal commitments to take Chase to the vet every morning, pick him up again in the afternoon, and take care of him. The Officers stationed at the CMRU paid for all the medical treatment, food and toys that the puppy needed.

"Chase refused to sleep alone after having been abandoned, so PC1249 slept next to him every night until Monday 10th July, when Chase was due to be taken to the vet in order to be re-tested", an adorable CMRU report reads.

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This week, the officers had some good news to share about their new furry friend. After a week of medical treatment and TLC, Chase tested negative and was declared cured of parvo. Soon, he was on his way to the foster carer.

Chase is still looking for a loving forever home, and if you are interested in adopting him, you can contact the Malta Police Force directly via a private message.

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UPDATE: Chase has found a loving home! His new owner already has six other dogs, but that did not stop her from adopting the cute little puppy, who already looks like the happiest dog in the world. 

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