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Malta Will Now Pay You €150 If You Adopt A Pet From An Animal Sanctuary

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Malta’s government has announced it will start paying a €150 allowance to people who adopt pets from licensed animal sanctuaries.

Parliamentary Secretary for Animal Rights Clint Camilleri today launched ‘The Adopt a Pet Allowance’ scheme in an effort to deliver on an election manifesto pledge is to assist individuals who give a home to stray animals.

The new scheme will hopefully encourage individuals to adopt pets from a licensed sanctuary instead of buying them off a private breeder. As an incentive to adopt instead of shop, the government will now be awarding those individuals who do so a €150 pet allowance, but only once certain conditions have been fully met.

In order to ensure that the welfare of the adopted pet is prioritised, the allowance will be handed out six months after adoption and only after necessary checks are made.

  • The scheme is limited to one pet per person and the pet must be adopted from a sanctuary licensed by the Veterinary Regulation Directorate 
  • Pet adopters must be at least 18 years old
  • Only two pets per residence will be applicable for this scheme
  • The new owner must report the microchip transfer to the Directorate within five days of the adoption date
  • Dogs and cats older than four months must be neutered as soon as they are adopted. Younger dogs and cats must be neutered as soon as they are four months old. The neutering procedure must be reported to the Directorate’s system.
  • If the pet dies, it must be reported within 24 hours and its cadaver mustn’t be discarded until Animal Welfare have carried out an inspection.

People who have been involved in cases of animal cruelty in the past are not eligible to benefit from this scheme.

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