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Malta’s Adorable Abandoned Animals Have Found A New Sanctuary, But There’s A Heartbreaking Catch

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The The Association for Abandoned Animals need to build a new sanctuary for their lovely four-legged guests since they were kicked out of the last place they had. They’ve recently found a new place in Birżebbuġa they could house the sanctuary and the animals’ needs, but there’s one last thing they need to do before they can house all the abandoned animals. And it’s quite the task.

Sadly, the new place they have found is in a sorry state — it used to be an old radio station, but has been left derelict for years. AAA already have all the MEPA permits, but they need to turn this place into a sanctuary and the cost of this is not cheap. In fact, they estimate it’s going to into the tens of thousands, and they need everyone’s help to get this to work out. 

Please help the beautiful babies by donating to help build this sanctuary. These animals deserve a loving home, and if we don’t help the AAA to build this sanctuary, these furry babies will become forever homeless.

The AAA Sanctuary, which was founded all the way back in 2004, is home to approximately 80 abandoned dogs, which are all up for adoption. The sanctuary works with volunteers to provide bedding, medical care, visits to the vet, and all activity involved with rescuing abandoned dogs. 

You can donate by using their PayPal account to:

[email protected]

You can also donate by sending out cheques to:


PO Box 24 Hamrun

Alternatively, you can always send an SMS on:

  • 50617350 for a donation of €2.33 
  • 50618060 for a donation of €4.66 
  • 50618910 for a donation of €6.99 
  • 50619200 for a donation of €11.66

Direct Transfer Options: 

HSBC Account 042 161794 050

IBAN: MT27MMEB44428000000042161794050

BOV Account 400 247 408 14 

IBAN: MT71VALL22013000000040024740814

Tag anyone who would like to help in the comments below

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