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Malta’s Festival Season Is Approaching, And Here’s Why You Should Leave Your Dog At Home

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It’s soon festival season in Malta, and people will be wanting to go to numerous events to enjoy some good music, food, booze and of course to just chill out and get high on some random guy’s hammock. However, some of us seem incapable of enjoying these events on their own or with their friends, so they get their four-legged friend with them, because why not? 

Fine, your dog is also your best friend. But would you submit your best friend to hours of endless torture and fear just for your own pleasure? In case you’re still not that convinced, here’s a list detailing what it feels like for your dog to attend the festivals you enjoy going to so much.

1. It’s noisy AF

You might not realise this, but music at festivals is very loud. Since you have a dog in your life, you should know that their sense of hearing is crazy keen — dogs are used in search and rescue missions and they can pick up sounds our pudgy useless ears can’t even fathom. 

Your best friend can hear up to four times in distance — hence the fact that they go crazy AF whenever someone is five minutes away from your house. Their ears are floppy, which means sound is amplified for them too.

Long story short: festivals have very loud sounds, and loud sounds might cause physical discomfort or even pierce your fluffy friend’s eardrum.

2. So many people

Fine, people are generally nice and they will not harm your dog. But how does your dog feel about having a bunch of drunken (hideous-looking) strangers with glitter and neon paint smeared all over their sweaty faces trying to pat him? Scared, that’s how. Festivals are also generally quite busy, with people walking around, and guess what: balla crowds will overwhelm your pet for sure. 

It overwhelms us too at times. Everyone will want to either touch your dog or walk past them, so it’s bound to feel a bit weird. Especially considering how short and easy to step on dogs are.

3. They might get lost

This is every dog person’s worst nightmare, but it’s very possible. 

You might sit down somewhere to chill out for a little while, and since you’re not a horrible person, you wouldn’t tie your dog to a tree or a chair. 

But if a sound startles him or something scares your dog, it’s very possible for him to run away — and who knows, maybe someone might even just take him away on account of how adorable he is.

4. Hey, remember how dogs poop?

Will you be picking up your dog’s poop at a festival? Not really, no. 

Some people don’t even pick their dog’s shit off the streets, let alone at a festival while they’re busy doing whatever people do at festivals (get drunk and take selfies?). 

We’re not saying that you’re a horrible person and that you never pick up your dog’s shit, but it’s very easy to forget about it, especially if you’re enjoying yourself.

You might even be planning on picking up after your dog, fail to do so instantly because of the crowd, and end up creating a stinky, sticky mess for everyone. Well done, you just took the festival to shitshow levels.

5. There’s trash everywhere

Maltese people are not statistically the cleanest people on the planet.

Whenever we have the chance to party or organise some sort of event, we trash the place, the floors are completely covered with beer cans, plastic cups, paper, food stuff, all the trash you can imagine in the world. Sure, we’ve started cleaning up pretty well, but you’re not the one who’s going to be walking barefoot all throughout the day. 

Dogs aren’t generally very careful about what they eat or smell — most of them eat other dogs’ poop. So God knows what they will try to munch on, especially if there’s bits of food on the floor like a half-eaten burger.

Some of the trash can also be dangerous for your friend; sometimes beer cans can be torn open or some idiot might throw glass on the floor which might cut into your dog’s paws. 

6. They might get sick

Maybe your dog has already been vaccinated, but sometimes having shots is pretty useless against certain diseases. As stated earlier, your dog might get sick by eating stuff off the ground or even smelling weird things he really shouldn’t be close to. 

You never really know what might be on the ground — it might be a simple stomach virus, but sometimes if your dog’s immune system is a bit weak, it might develop itself into something much more serious and threatening to his health than throwing up the kibbles for a couple of days.

Seriously guys, it’s just not worth it.

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