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Malta’s ‘Golden Cat’ Award Is A Real Thing That’s Happening Soon And It’s Absolute Feline Heaven

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Cat lovers are in for a very special treat very soon thanks to an awards show all about crowning the furriest, prettiest, grumpiest and most adorable felines out there.

Yesterday, we wrote about a very wholesome #DogBlog that helped lift our midweek blues. And if that wasn’t enough, the internet has provided us with the fruit for another golden article perfect for animal lovers.

The Malta Feline Guardians Club (yes, that is a real thing) is hosting their 80th and 81st National cat shows on the 27th and 28th of October at the Monte Kristo estate.

This year is the World Cat Federation’s (yes, also a thing) 30th Anniversary Pearl Jubilee celebration, and to celebrate this, the WCF will be awarding the Pearl Jubilee Rings at the show and participating cats will be in with the chance to be crowned the National Golden Cat.

The cat crowned Malta’s Golden Cat will be flown out to Latvia to take part in the World Golden Cat competition.

Over 80 cats will be competing over the two days and entrance is free, so if you want to go and look at some pretty kitties strutting their stuff, you know where to go.

In case you need some more convincing, we picked out a few of the most adorable contestants from previous years that are sure to give you heart eyes IRL, even if you’re not a cat person.

1. This sugar-plum cutie

2. I mean, this cat is an actual model…

3. A grumpy floof

4. Look at those eyes…

5. This kitty that was feeling a bit chilly

6. A beach babe

7. Another (very) grumpy floof

If you want to meet these kitties, and so many more, you know where you need to be! In the meantime, if you’re feline low, you can stalk Malta Cat Shows over on Facebook for a boost of happiness.

Tag a friend who needs to enter their cat into this show!

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