Malta's 'Kelb Tal-Kaċċa' Is Now Officially A Pedigree

Another win for puppies!

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As of today you can officially register your kelb tal-kaċċa as a pedigree dog, and can get a certificate (completely free of charge) to prove it.

This news comes after a joint agreement between Malta's Federation for Hunters, Trappers and Conservationists (FKNK) and the Maltese National Canine Federation (MNCF) to keep a register of these pedigree pups.

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A pedigree certificate is an official document that records the dog's ancestry and proves it to be a purebred.

Following a study in 2015, Dr James Galea and Dr Martin Debattista confirmed this breed was unique to the Maltese island, and this latest decision is a massive step forward, aimed at preserving and strengthening these endemic dogs.

The journey towards making the breed a pedigree began in 2010 with the founding of Klabb Klieb Tal-Kaċċa Ta' Malta.

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