Malta's 'Kelb Tal-Kaċċa' Is The Best Dog Breed Ever And Here's Exactly Why

Seriously, this shouldn't even be up for debate


In Malta, dogs are nearly as important as people - and in some cases, more-so.

Maltese people love their dogs, be it as help on the farmland, as a cute little lapdog, or anything in between.

But Malta is fortunate to have a special breed of dog that is both unique and has been a part of Maltese culture for years: the Kelb Tal-Kaċċa, the finest breed of dog to ever come out of this country.

Why you ask? Simples...

1. They have the prettiest eyes around

Just look at them


2. And just love rolling around in bed

Easy like Sunday morning.

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3. Their 'soft mouth' is unbeatable

A 'soft mouth' refers to dog breeds that have the tendency to pick up, hold, and carry items gently. Perfect when you drop your smartphone.

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4. And they are perfect for families with young children

They are not only extremely gentle, and highly intelligent, but are protective and trustworthy around children, literally watching out for them.


5. They've got great stamina

They are the perfect accompaniment for hunters, athletes, or anyone who enjoys being outside.


6. And they are super easy to toilet-train

Comes with the intelligence.


7. They are getting international fast

From Australian to Asia, pedigree dog breeders are turning to the rare Maltese breed as the next big star breed, with breeders importing pedigree dogs across the world to start their own Kelb Tal-Kaċċa family.

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8. They can really, really handle the heat

Summer in Malta might be brutal for you, but the Kelb Tal-Kaċċa really doesn't mind - they can handle heat and just keep going and going.

Kelb Tal Kacca

9. They love to play

They are full of energy for a reason, and that's because they are hardwired to always be on the go.

Hunter Bluey

10. And best of all, they are unique to Malta!

Just another thing that makes Malta such a special little island.


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