Maltese Dog Shaming Needs To Become A Thing

Disciplining pups never looked cuter

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The art of printing a forced-confession for your dog, and snapping an image of them standing near it for the whole internet to laugh (and awh) at is an internet-old art that really needs to become a thing locally.

It's known as dog shaming, and these examples are just a few we hope to see in future.

1. The weak bladder

We've all been there before, putting your entire life on hold for the two-hour time slot you're sure the priest is going to turn up. Well, unlike us, dogs don't really get the concept of Catholic hierarchy.

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2. The truly Maltese dog

Spiteful and constantly hungy #OneOfUs

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3. The true champ(s)

Double tragedy, as the party will either be ruined by a lack of pastizzi, or a dog puking up a storm.

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4. The temptress

Even dogs can blaspheme, but who cares when the tasty wax figurines are too hard to resist.


Tag a friend with a very naughty dog and send us your best dog shaming on [email protected]

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Chucky Bartolo

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