Maltese MP To Bring Pet Cemetery Discussion To Parliament

The issue is being pushed heavily by dancer Felix Busutil


A discussion on the building of a pet cemetery in Malta will be brought before Parliament by Deputy Speaker Claudette Buttigieg.

Malta not having a dedicated space for the burial of pets has long been an issue among animal lovers, but has recently been reinvigorated by dancer Felix Busutil after the sad passing of his dog, Sushi.

Taking to Facebook, Claudette sent her condolences to Felix and his husband, Darren, and stated: "Our country needs to address the issue of pet burial and I will be putting forward the matter for discussion in [Parliament]. I'll do this on behalf of Felix and Darren, and all animal lovers who want closure with dignity."

An online petition calling for a site to Maltese pet owners "find solace" after their pet dies is also circulating across social media, and has so far amassed almost 4,000 signatures in a couple of days.

Back in 2015, the Planning Authority approved plans for a pet cemetery that would house the cremated remains of 11,000 pets in Ta Qali, but so far there’s been no progress on its construction.

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