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Maltese Woman Makes Online Plea Following Abuse Of Her Handmade Cat Shelters In Ta’ Qali

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Sherry Ann Demicoli, the Maltese woman behind those beautiful colourful cat houses for the strays in Ta’ Qali, is urging people to stop leaving abandoned cats or unknown strays at the shelters because “they will not survive”.

There has been a large increase of new cats arriving since the shelters were created. People have allegedly been dropping off pets they no longer want as well as strays from other colonies.

According to Demicoli, these cats may not be accepted by the other cats and will add a bigger burden to the volunteers overseeing these colonies.

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Sherry was allegedly told that people have been planning on bringing cats from other localities after being neutered

“Cats are extremely territorial,” she told Lovin Malta. “Only recently I had to stop my cats from attacking a new one. This was hard”.

“People think that they can just use my shelters to leave pets or unknown strays with the peace of mind that I will feed them and care for them,” she continued. “That’s not right.”

Dumped cats don’t know where to find food or water or how to escape imminent dangers.

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Ms Demicoli has had to bring one of the new felines to the vet today who was rejected by the colony, and she wants to make it clear that the houses are only for the colony she regularly looks after in that specific area of Ta’ Qali.

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