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Meet Fezzo, One Of Malta’s Laziest (But Most Stylish) Cats

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Cats in Malta, as in many parts of the world, can achieve a quality of life that is comparable to Victorian kings and queens. With an abundance of people who love them, and food on many Maltese corners, a cat’s life on this jewel of the Mediterranean is a good life.

Then there’s Fezzo the Fat Cat, who spends his days sleeping and trying on new clothes.

Fezzo is a 10-year-old cat who just can’t say no. Just reach out a hand, and he can’t resist moving closer. 

And even when he doesn’t feel like cuddling, and makes moves that may seem like he isn’t interested, he really, really is. 

As the Instagram handle fezzofindsahome indicates, Fezzo is “a nomad kitty who finally found a forever home with two Maltese humans.” And if you thought Fezzo was a cute name, you’ll fall in love with the other names this feline friend goes by; Spice, or our personal favourite, Mister Fatso.

In fact, he reportedly needs a dog’s medium-sized clothing to fit his big belly.

He does enjoy the easy life, and more than anything, doesn’t want to move around too much. But he will move for food, and of course, for photos.

Seeing as he is about the size of a medium-sized dog, he easily fits into clothes meant for them. That said, if he eats too much, the clothes won’t be able to close, which leads for some funny pictures. 

Fezzo is now working hard at taking it easy. The cat is not trying to change the world – but, just maybe, he is hoping to lighten up your Insta feed. 

Who are we kidding. He probably just wants to sleep and pass out on some more stairs. 

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