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Mickey, The Puppy Found Covered In Tar, Is Alive And Well At A Maltese Vet

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A puppy found covered in tar is alive and well despite losing a lot of fur and seemingly in a very sticky situation. 

The puppy, now known as Mickey, was brought to the Association for Abandoned Animals after a man found him covered in tar

Crying and in pain, the AAA rushed Mickey to Dr Trevor’s Clinic in Attard where he was slowly cleaned bit by bit until most of the tar was removed. Despite losing a lot of fur, the puppy recovered well and his future looks bright. 

“Skin is sore, he lost lots of fur but he is alive and even ate,” the AAA said in a Facebook post.

“We are going to name him Mickey, baby Mickey. Tonight, and maybe even for the coming days, he is going to stay at the clinic so for sure he will survive and continue to improve.”

The AAA then went on to thank those who stepped in to help with Mickey, including George and Roxianne from Dr Trevor’s Clinic who carried out the procedure free of charge.

“Thank you for loving our abandoned dogs and always welcoming our emergencies non stop, your clinic is an example,” the post ended.

Mickey was discovered half-covered in tar yesterday, whimpering and crying in fear, leading to outrage and concern from animal activists. 

Online, many commentators thanked AAA for their quick action and effort in saving this puppy’s life.

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